About Us

Pentagrid AG was founded in 2019 by Martin Schobert and Tobias Ospelt and is a boutique assessment and consulting company working in the information security sector. Before founding Pentagrid AG, Tobias and Martin worked both for a decade as IT security analysts for several customers, especially from the financial, medical, healthcare, and automotive sector.

Pentagrid is a neutral and independent security service provider. Neutral means we examine information systems and document what we see. We will not write reports tailored to support a product marketing. We feel strongly committed to a professional service with a focus on successful long-term relationships with our customers. As we believe transparency is important, we explain approaches, proposals and issues to our clients. We feel bound to confidentiality even without formal non-disclosure agreements. Furthermore, with our knowledge we feel responsible for the society and socities in foreign countries. Therefore, we will not participate in projects when we feel these to be incompatible with our values, which for example excludes projects for the military, the arms industry, and the intelligence apparatus.

Tobias Ospelt

Tobias' professional life began with work in the financial sector before studying IT, finally focusing on information security during his Master's degree at Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW). Now, and over the past decade, he has been working as a technical IT security analyst on various customer projects. His main interests today are fuzzing and the security of web applications, mobile applications and mobile device management systems. Tobias has published many of his tools and much of his research in various fields of the security world and is the author of several Burp Suite extensions. More recently, he is lecturing on the topic of information security for Bachelor students at ZHAW.

Martin Schobert

Martin started his commercial IT career twenty years ago as a software developer and system administrator, before switching focus to information security. He studied computer science at the Humboldt University, Berlin. His core interests besides web and mobile security lay in design reviews, source code audits, and the reverse engineering of software and protocols. Further to this end, he enjoys working with embedded devices and crafting attacks on electronic components. Martin developed the software "Degate" as part of his Diploma thesis that supports a semi-automated approach of reverse-engineering integrated circuits at a silicon level.