We hack things.

Pentagrid performs technically solid security assessments of IT systems for enterprises using qualified analysts and consultants who benefit from a long experience in IT security research and business practice.

Software Security

Pentagrid supports your project with security assessments of software systems such as web applications and mobile apps using black-, grey-, and white box approaches, source code audits, architecture reviews, and more.

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Infrastructure Security

Pentagrid provides penetration testing services (pentests), red teaming, vulnerability scanning, post incident analysis, network malware hunting, and more.

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Hardware Security

Pentagrid performs hardware security assessments of your products during development or before they enter the market helping you to protect your intellectual property and other valuable assets.

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Security Consulting

Our technical expertise supports you in developing secure products and business processes, solving security-related issues, dealing with security-related incidents, performing IT audits and more.

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